Vr 18 maart 2022

Anna Potsiluyko en Deonys Shantar organiseren een expo/kunstverkoop in Het Bos. De tentoonstelling vindt plaats van 18 tot 20 maart!

Fellow native Ukrainians, Anna Potsiluyko (Bosacademie 2021) and Deonys Shantar are organizing an art sale in Antwerp. The exhibition will take place from the 18th until the 20th of March in Het Bos.

You can submit your artwork by sending a message to with a picture of the work you want to donate and some info about it. Deadline is 13.03!
You can deliver your artworks on the 14th and 15th of March.

The situation in Ukraine is something that no one wished to happen. Innocent people are forced to leave their country or hide from bomb explosions.

There are a lot of People Of Colour students in Ukraine that ended up in the middle of a war that isn’t theirs to fight. These people also have to deal with discrimination and isolation in a foreign country on a daily basis. We would like to help them get out the country safely and get them the help they need. Therefor all profits will go the People Of Colour and general humanitarian organisations helping in Ukraine.

Expo opening vrijdag 18/03: 19u-23u

Zaterdag 19/03: 16u-23u

Zondag 20/03: 10u-16u