Purple Wave

Wo 27 juli 2022

Six Day Course for Women on Making Electronic Music

w/ Maria Pandiello, Palmbomen II, Alberta Balsam, Jacco Gardner & more!

"Purple Wave offers all the basics to freely experiment with the hardware used in creating and performing electronic music. Even though there is a lot of knowledge available via the internet, we feel a lot of it is offered in a subjective way and by predominantly male musicians who use the tools rigidly and conventionally.

We believe that creative processes can be full of excitement and exploration, and we aim to create a safe place for overcoming feelings of intimidation usually experienced by a beginner. Sadly, the world of electronic music gear is still mostly male-centered. For that reason, we will offer an introduction exclusively for female/non-binary students where we can use the tools in a playful way.

The course will take place for six days, of which each day will focus on a different category of electronic music hardware. Drum machines, synthesizers, mixers and effects will all be discussed and used. Each day will start with some historical context, offering some insight into the evolution of these tools since their origins. After this, the functionality of specific machines will be explained. Lastly there will be space for hands-on experimentation to experience the workflow for yourself.

Purple Wave intends to be, aside from a safe and fun occasion to learn and experiment, a place to connect with others and share experiences by building a community. We hope that after the workshop you feel like you have a good basis to start the exciting journey of experimenting with these machines on your own."


Day 1 / July 27
An introduction to electronic music and tools, starting with some general theory and examples.
Day 2 / July 28
With a focus on drum-machines, you will learn how to create your own rhythms by programming patterns.
Day 3 / July 29
With a focus on analog synthesizers, you will learn how to sculpt your own sounds.
Day 4 / August 3
With a focus on sequencers, you will learn how to use them to put the different elements of your performance together.
Day 5 / August 4
With a focus on mixers and effects, you will learn how they can be used to color and mix the sound as well as how you can perform with them as a musical instrument.
Day 6 / August 5
All elements will be combined to see the result of each machine within a common electronic music setup. The teachers involved will bring their past experience in performing electronic music on stage, as well as producing records in the studio, so you can get a good idea of what to expect in these situations.

every day from 17:00-21:30

Maximum 8 participants !
price: €100 for the 6 day course | <26 = €75
apply through: purplewave@hetbos.be