Citron Citron / Gao Kacirek

Wo 02 november 2022

Gratis Live concerten in de Bosbar en via We Are Various

Citron Citron

Brother and sister, Citron Citron is the new revelation of the Geneva alternative scene! Already collaborating in the improvised music and image group Burning Spiaggia - Pyre Musik Mïzik, Augustin and Zoé wanted to bring their worlds together and compose more personal and intimate songs. Their band name is a tribute to their late cat Citron. Their first album Chagrin Bleu will be released the 21th of october on Bongo Joe Records and explores the melancholy of the night and the joy of a flight under the sun. Songs with transcendent refrains, and synthetic laments with romantic melodies, carried by groove box-like rhythms. An album on the borders of chamber pop, medieval chants and ambient. The lyrics are at times poetic, angry or dreamy.

Gao Kacirek

»Hoya«, the first collaborative record from Fhunyue Gao and Sven Kacirek, is a site of encounters. There’s the encounter between two different media and artistic conceptions: Gao, on the one hand, a stage director | performer | musician based in Switzerland, a frequent collaborator of Annalena Fröhlich and Thom Luz, who works for a most colourful variety of venues all over Europe and is a member of the music association Bongo Joe. Kacirek, on the other, an established musician living between Hamburg and Kenya, with several releases on labels such as Honest Jon’s and Bureau B under his belt and an equally illustrious and diverse list of collaborators, among them Shabaka Hutchings, Ogoya Nengo, Marc Ribot, John McEntire, Hauschka and Nils Frahm.

What began with a chance encounter while working together on a dance project in the Netherlands, quickly became clear to the two of them as a shared musical sensitivity demanding further exploration. At the center of this stood an encounter between their instruments and the different modes of expression they afford: playing combinations of marimbas, drums, percussions, electronics, theremin, Buchla synthesizer, and piano, off-rehearsal sessions during Gao’s and Kacirek’s subsequent collaborations for theater continually grew in importance for the two of them.

When they decided to elaborate these explorations in a project entirely their own, the two of them locked themselves into Kacirek’s studio at Jaffestrasse in Hamburg, and started working on »Hoya«. Over the course of the LP’s 40-minute runtime, what once began as an unlikely meeting is presented as a playful, unpredictable, yet deeply developed and substantial affair. Sublime, ethereal layers of synth and theremin are counterpoised by delicate and shifty bouts of percussion. A labor of love that truly stands on its own.