The Ascension Show

Za 19 november 2022

Asaph Sampa is a 22-year-old artist from Antwerp, Belgium. His musical upbringing enhanced his growth as a producer and artist. Asaph quickly discovered there was more to him than what he encountered starting up. He locked his focus in and made it a mission to make a legacy for himself. The fearless attitude towards authenticity and self-expression was what he needed to launch himself. A launch never comes without the forces of gravity trying to pull it down and to watch it crash. The Ascension is the result of what happens when gravitational forces cause a crash, yet the ashes cause an uprising of a newer, stronger identity. An identity which lies closer to one’s true self. Asaph Sampa, alongside his team, joined forces with fellow entities such as Big Cousin, SRD & Wa6ne to showcase what an ascension looks, sounds and feels like.


Asaph Sampa

Big Cousin

After Party @ Bosbar:


tickets: €12 via

22:00 Doors open
22:30 - 23:00 Big Cousin performance
23:00-23:15 Break curated by DJ
23:15 - 23:55 Asaph Sampa
After Party @ Bosbar
00:00-01:00 WA6NE
1:00-2:00 WA6NE X SRD B2B
2:00-3:00 SRD