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Za 19 november 2022

Expo van 17 - 20 november 2022

Stuck (video installation, loop, sound) - Lotte Louise de Jong

STUCK is a video installation made of existing video clips from porn websites like PornHub. It investigates a particular trend in porn where (mostly female) porn actors get stuck in different (domestic) objects such as washing machines, ovens, windows, or even the trunk of a car. Although it creates humorous scenes, it also raises questions about the notion of consent and abuse. Through editing and recreating the images, the social obsession, the material glorification of the physical object and the cultural paradoxes that drive the primary impulses remain.

Still Standing (video installation, loop, no sound) - Locu Ratolo

Since 2018 we, Locu&Ruth, stand 20 minutes still in different places. Not moving. With both feet we occupy a piece of earth and let it happen. With a film camera we systematically document the locations.
Permanently and short dated. Locals join to form a scene with uncertain outcome.
Still Standing is a current evaluation of situations between everyday life and big events, absurdity and seriousness, projection and live performance, narrative and repetition,
Standstill and action. Here and now.

Lisa Ijeoma

Making patchworks is a way for Lisa Ijeoma (b 1997, Bruges, BE) to work through her emotions and personal experiences. The base of her narratives lay in trauma, racism, fear, abuse, and feelings of displacement and belonging - systemic issues most people of color experience firsthand. Ijeoma is fascinated by the gaze of the ‘Other,’ which is present in the over-sexualization and exploitation of black bodies. This work is her take on Paul Gaugain’s “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?,” a work steeped in the male gaze, both colonialist and sexist. The subjects are decontextualized and reframed in a desolate landscape. Where nature becomes a silent spectator of what has been and what is yet to come. Her work is made from found fabrics.

They can’t kill us all - Love & Rage (textile banner) - Women to Women Collective

“We gathered around love, we gathered because of rage. We gathered around sewing machines, scissors, needles, threads and wool in all the colors of freedom and self-determination. We gathered to claim the streets and state: We come here united! To march for and with women around the world, for sisters and brothers on the move, awaiting asylum, in hiding, captivity, deported and for those who are no longer with us. We tailored for weeks, without compromise, stitching together every thread, every color, every emotion. Because: You can't kill us all!”

A few days before the coronavirus epidemic was declared and lockdown in Croatia started, women from the Women to Women collective marched the streets of Zagreb, carrying the banner "They can't kill us all - love & rage". The seven-meter-long banner sewn from pieces of fabric, colorful wool and thread was created during a ten-week workshop, Tailoring for the Night March, led for the collective by artist Selma Banich. By participating in the Night March, organized by the feminist collective fAKTIV, women from the collective celebrated International Women's Day, many of them for the first time. The Women to Women collective has been operating within the No Borders program of the Živi atelje DK association since 2016, and connects women who call Zagreb their home, as well as those who had to flee their home and settle down elsewhere. The Women to Women collective received the Nada Dimić Award for 2020.