Boskeuken: Violeta Chouciño

Do 11 mei 2023

Violeta Chouciño is a cook and visual artist who has an interest in tortillas.
She organised a cooking workshop 'The 5 tortillas my grandma gave birth to' in april
and on the 11th of May she will host a 'Boskeuken' during Vruchtbare Grond.

On the menu? A Spanish tortilla dish!

Get your food between 19h00 and 21h00 in the kitchen. No reservation needed. Full = full.

Main course:
Tortilla with ensaladilla and a shot of salmorejo on the side.

Auria's cheesecake

Note: Alergens would be egg on everything, fructose on ensaladilla and salmorejo, gluten and lactose on the dessert