Laagzwart invites Casimir & April Bourne

Wo 08 november 2023

We're excited to announce a new Laagzwart show happening on Wednesday the 8th of November at Het Bos in the Bosbar. This time in cooperation with We Are Various we are curating an evening of live performances by Casimir and April Bourne.


the project name of Dutch sound artist and ambient explorateur Casimir Geelhoed. His latest release ‘See, Air, You’ came out last May on the Danish Janushoved label and is a beautiful testament to his deep and rich sonic world building. Crafting highly textural and emotive works as a live performer we are very pleased to welcome him in Antwerp. As a member and one of the core developers of the 4DSOUND studio in Amsterdam he also organizes live and listening events across Europe exploring spatial sound. In addition to his solo work, Casimir also co-runs the radioshow and curatorial platform Whitespace together with Anni Nöps.

April Bourne

Antwerp based project and has released music on Ashida Park and Bound Centre. On his Ox-Eye EP (released as a playable postcard) he intertwines his experimental and fun melodic club style electronics with a more wet dripping ambient sound. Minimal rhythms and gated synths swaying along in a crystal clear sound bath where the interplay between the digital and the organic take shape.

This is a free event and will also be a 3h livestream between 20h-23h on 8/11 on the We Are Various website with the Laagzwart DJ's spinning their favorite tunes in between the live sets.

You can listen to the event via