Unreal Estate the movie – Ksenia Galiaeva

Zo 19 november 2023

filmvertoning in teken van Visite Festival

Unreal Estate the movie (2023, 56’) – Ksenia Galiaeva

Live sound by Ksenia Galiaeva (voice-over) and Joachim Badenhorst (music)

In the seemingly paradisiacal surroundings of their Russian summerhouse, the filmmaker turns her parents into willing actors in their own stories. For over 25 years she has attempted to influence their memory and family history through the power of image and wishful thinking, to create a family myth that could be healing. The summerhouse has become a collection of methaphors where time passes at a stretchable speed - like mythical time where the story continues but is repeating itself at the same time.

After the screening there will be a short snack- and book presentation moderated by Ellen Rutten (professor of Literature , with special attention for Slavic Literatures and Cultures at the University of Amsterdam).

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