Bosacademie Night

Wo 22 mei 2024

Bosacademie is a multidisciplinary support system and artistic development helpdesk for young people in Het Bos. We welcome 80 residents in 2024. Some of them will treat us with new work during 10 jaar Het Bos!

18u - 23u Free entrance

Boskeuken met Nina Wilson

Nina Wilson was a Bosacademie food resident in 2023. She will re-open her kitchen during this special night. Menu will follow soon. You pay 20 euro in the Boskeuken for a main course and a dessert. All vegetarian.

Seppe Claerbout

Where the circus ends, life begins: a statement I don’t agree with. During a playful performance, I want to show that life equals a circus in multiple ways. We are considered an act, we observe others. Installation and performance come together, where installation could be seen as society and performance as an individualistic act of self-defense. I try to embrace all my characters and show them to the world.

i.m. polite

A year after SYRUP, the debut album by i.m.polite (Pauline Van Der Sypt), was released, she is working on a new sound. Searching for a formal character on stage, she collaborates with artist friends Deveny Faruque, installation and video artist, and Elke Delespierre, textile designer/illustrator. Where their disciplines differ so much, they are now united into a unique spatial experience. A scenography is being built where visual arts and hip hop come together in an installation way. The physical performance space of the musical performance becomes a modular installation. Text and music by i.m.polite are a starting point to develop a visual language from which Pauline as a performer draws her playing style. Deveny and Elke bridge the gap between what can be said and what can be displayed. They discover new skills behind the scenes.

Alison Jutta

Alison Jutta makes your foot tap along to her dreamy songs, but breaks your heart at the same time. She wraps you in a blanket of elegant melodies, straightforward guitars and soft synthesizers, while stimulating your mind with heartfelt lyrics about the vulnerabilities of everyday life. Inspired by artists such as HAIM and Maggie Rogers, her songs vary from uptempo and danceable to small and intimate, but the constant factors are her warm voice, refined songwriting and search for the beauty in the everyday. Alison Jutta's debut album 'hello, I don't know' was released on February 16, 2024.