Oei! presents: Leandro Barzabal + Dylan Belgrado + Marta Zapparoli

Do 06 juni 2024

Met veel trots presenteert Oei! hun eerste line up. Oei! kijkt er met open oren toe naar uit om nog meer avonden te organiseren in Het Bos gewijd aan experimenteel geluid. Met veel liefde gecureerd.

Leandro Barzabal (FR)

Leandro Barzabal has been working since 2001 as an autodidact in the field of experimental music, total improvisation and performance art. He has collaborated in several works of physical theater and contemporary dance both as a musician and a performer. His use of space and spontaneous composition led him to collaborate with numerous musicians in the field of improvisation and live actions. In his work, gesture, objects and space configure into images that merge with sound, working in a liminal area of the senses. In 2021 he founded the GRM Parallèlle studio for the construction of musical instruments, helping musicians to work on DIY electronics, sound pro- duction and research.

For this event Barzabal will perform with his Oscillator Organ, a diy device consisting of 42 simple “wave shaped” oscillators. By accumulation, a solid wall of sound is built up where the horizon keeps getting higher in an upwards sweep, in an infinite glide. The only possible way out is spiraling downwards within a clash of electricity. This music gives way to psy- choacoustic effects, due to the amount of super- posed information, ending by being an intense and personal experience. The performance works around ‘phantom funda- mentals’: a phenomenon in music, where over- tones suggest a fundamental frequency and the listeners perceive the pitch, even if it’s not present in the mass of sound. It’s a performance about insistance, electricity and phantom sounds.


Dylan Belgrado (BE)

Born and based in Brussels graphic designer, performance artist and musician. She's into making repetitive minimal noise that is comforting and threatening at the same time. Often using self-assembled instruments she can't fully control to produce imperfect loops that incite new, sometimes subtle, layers of sound.


Marta Zapparoli (DE)

Marta Zapparoli is an Italian sound artist, radio artist, improviser, performer, and independent researcher based in Berlin. In the recent years her work mainly involves the intersection of the visible and the invisible aspects of physics- seeking to activate all the poetic and conceptual levels. She captures unique recordings of electromagnetic radiation coming from the outer space and the atmosphere (Natural radio phenomena VLF ) from the energetic environment in Nature - Electrosmog, and radio wave communication form the technological world. The relation-contamination-confrontation-dialogue between nature, our technological world in an anthropogenic age, and our life in multiple connections with the universe, is a central theme in her work. Her main instruments are a vary of antennas, radio receivers, detectors, tape recorders, reel-to-reel-band machine. She is a member of (24 pieces) Splitter Orchester in Berlin, among other projects and has performed at festivals like A’LARME!, CTM festival, ...


In between sets SiM will play a DJ set.
SiM Sound System is a collective of music obsessed freaks, record collectors and DJs with firm roots in the Antwerp based Sound in Motion organization. Sending out KVDH - Koen Vandenhoudt of Radio Centraal’s Freakscene and Sound in Motion curator - the Sim Sound System will take you on an industrious sonic trip fusing adventurous sounds from unexpected beats, jazz, industrial, noise and kraut to no wave and far beyond…