Toverberg #1

Vr 07 oktober 2022

There is a Toverberg growing inside the big forest of Het Bos in Antwerp!

We are very happy to announce that on the 7th of October, Toverberg is hosting its first full evening in Het Bos.

The evening will consist of two parts: before midnight, some of the most interesting live acts of this moment will be playing. After midnight, genre-bending DJ’s will take over the pulpit.

The live part of the evening will consist of Hanne, bontridders, Daisy Darkpark and HOFFMAN. Lining up behind the booth are floridada, Laura Conant, yoboycot, Donia and TMD. In the coming weeks we will introduce each artist so you can start discovering and planning.

Besides performances by these artists, the evening will also be coloured by a photography performance by Lotta Kestens and visuals by Robin Goossens and Arne Pannemans: destructuralized, point-cloud workers of the future. Also, Orlan Ghekiere will be premiering a film made of own footage soundtracked by Orlan. Wild stuff!

We want to make this evening open to anyone. Everyone is welcome to come listen, dance, talk, etc. Because of this, tickets are only 6€. Try it on, see what you think. Tickets available through the link.

! Presale tickets are limited !


Graphic design by Ines Collin. In collaboration with District Antwerpen.