Zo 27 januari 2019

Het Bos and Ondergronds are very delighted to present you


- Grinding High Quality Death Metal Since 1991 -
"Swedish quartet Deranged are a slightly unique case to consider, presenting a sound that is simultaneously unexpected and also very familiar. The four piece, who adopted their name from the eponymous 1974 film, play a style firmly grounded in old school death metal, coupled with a healthy dose of grindcore and a refreshing ear for melody."



- Grind Masters From Belgium -
"Leng Tch'e have fine-tuned their particular genre-mix ever since the release of their first split EP with Black Ops in 2002. Grind, hardcore, and death metal form the main ingredients, but traces of cleverly inserted doom, stoner rock, and other eclectic influences can also be identified."



- Grind Core - 
"Formed on 2007 in Mexico City Into Sickness Is a Death Grindcore band with heavy and fast riffing, explosive groves, and old school death metal! Played the OEF in 2012!!!"



- Slamming Death Metal -
"You have to see to believe it... Already booked for the Masters Of Grind 2019!!"


First band - 19h30
Curfew - 23h00

VVK Ticket: €13 / Kassa: €16
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