Martín Benavides / DJ Fast Moving Picnic

Wo 29 juni 2022

Live concert + dj in de Bosbar en via We Are Various

van 20u - 23u

Martín Benavides

Chilean multi-instrumentalist and composer. He plays theremin, accordion, mallets, keys, electric bass (just to name a few!), approaching a wide range of genres, easily moving from folk to blues and jazz, from experimental to author pop music.

DJ Fast Moving Picknick

side project of Capsules clarinetplayer and singer Saar van de Leest. Depending on the occasion and location, Fast Moving Picknick transforms to a one (wo)man band, an improvisation combo with guestmusicians or a soundinstallation.

& Elko B (dj) !


live te beluisteren via We Are Various!